Personal data protection

In the area of personal data protection (GDPR) we have handled complete implementation for dozens of companies or enterprising individuals and we will gladly assist you as well. We will analyze how you process personal data, asses the risks and custom-tailor the manner of personal data processing for you. Within the frame of implementation we will in particular adjust your contract documents with your clients (adjustment of general terms and conditions or specific contracts with clients), suppliers (adjustment of contractual relationships with legal entities or enterprising individuals) and employees (adjustment of employment contracts, agreements to perform work or agreements to complete a job).

We will draft information documents and consents with personal data processing for all situations of personal data processing (be it personal data processing via cookie files, sending of newsletters, use of CCTV systems, use of contact forms on your website etc.). We will also draft personal data processing agreements with processors, to which you transfer personal data, and draft internal documents such as internal rules of operation, documents regulating security incident procedure, documents regulating the procedure for requests of data subjects and we will explain how to maintain records of personal data processing and everything else you might need. In short, we will make sure everything complies with the law.

Do you need advice regarding GDPR?

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Mgr. Jiří Tašl

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